Building is not just about the obvious assembly of materials
and the manpower to put it together.

Nor is it about getting to the finish line.

Our philosophy revolves around providing a platform
from which a clients dreams and ideas become realty.

As a family owned business founded in 1979 we are based on the Westside and Southbay. Philippe and Olivier were born in France and emigrated to America in 1959. Sons of educators in the literature and art world we were exposed at a young age to old word culture and refined architecture. Many a Saturday or Sunday evening was spent viewing slide shows of the old masters and the best of European palaces and historical landmarks. We have traveled extensively and completed degrees in Australian universities. Today our outlook on design and function is in a large part a reflection of these experiences.

Our hands on approach that we hang our hat on derives from the following premise:

Building is technical, its a process, logistically it can be nightmarish and in all honesty it’s notoriously inefficient. In addition current trends demand an ever increasing level of detail and refinement.

So the question begs, how does a conscientious business best address these concerns?

It is our philosophy that less is more. We pride ourselves in that we never take on more work than we know we can perform at a high level. Our clients are special and deserve our full resources and attention. It’s about building relationships and possibly making friends and not taking on every last project. When we leave our projects our pride is grounded not only in our clients satisfaction but as a firm knowing that we did not forget the bow on the final package.


Design Build Services

Including but not limited to Preliminary Consultation, Plan Concepts and sketches with client input, Engineering, Final Plans, Permit Issuance, Site Supervision and Construction.

  • Including Preliminary meetings and sketches with client, Palettes, Plans, sourcing of materials, surfaces and fabrics, Permit issuance if needed, Construction.
  • High end condo renovations with all their logistical challenges, HOA restrictions and noise and dust issues.
  • Custom home remodeling and new construction
  • Foundation site work

On hourly basis


Fortis Construction is a licensed and bonded general contracting company operating in the state of California.

State License No. 760494